I smile seeing you I love and if you could see my eyes of love joy warm you see . now you may feel through heart me here . Smile Love You  

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There something is about to CHANGE Not above alone Below – That is what you feel SOMETHING does work better Other doesn’t at all . My tie is LOVE for you to feel SAVE for I know while you listen with your HEART you’ll know in deed That ALL IS TRULY WELL. . You must […]

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Be kind or else? Be is DOING by FEELING in ACTING I N I T I A T I V E. So be it.

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You are the One

“The function of Mankind is to act as a transmitter of spiritual forces to the lower kingdoms and to act as coworkers of God.” Maitreya The World Teacher I am Sana Anda. I am from the higher realms and living in the human lower vibrations “both” at the same moment on earthly time THAT IS […]

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Sun light is twice as now there are 2 suns active. One is seen by humans with eyes One is felt by the ever evolving wish to be the essence of ones heart: LOVE.

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Syllables do not even approach what the WORLD OF THE PATH OF LOVE to declare with the heart brings forth. A L L

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