Butterfly Wisdom

Sana Anda Love


happen ALL moments of THESE EARTHLY TIMES

F r e q u e n t l y

you see what does work out so fantastic fabulously

and yet other… not


is the one who CHOOSES wisely to SEE for yourself

WHAT does WORK and WHAT is not achieving to FEEL WELL



stating, Love, stating ALL MOMENTS in these TIMES

to SEE the CHANGES for YOU, YOU are THE CHANGE, YOU are the ONE


you said “the others” — not any time NOW this will make you get what you TRULY DESIRE

YOU NOW    S A Y     YES:  What is it you truly want?

One more and another one ALL of it: DECLARE it for yourself for

I am always love

I am and will achieve to be Peace

I see the TRUTH in all and everything

I will be able to CREATE that which I wish and DESIRE so very much with my HEART

B U T T E R F L Y …. peeling of the shells * TRUTH *

You *** Love

made of Love getting IT

that is the CHANGE TO NEW EARTH life


the most important one for we are





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