Reading the field in the silence ahead is the greatest world of inner wisdom LOVE is the field of ALL there is to SEE finding the STORM in the OCEAN is wishing the waves not to count we will be FREE in the MIDST of agree-not since WATER is OCEAN and US we are in […]

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Hands on the task timing is right BUTTERFLY wise will guide for those who have purpose release all that pain for GLORY and WONDER soon GAIA will reign Come join me, sweet love for I am here to hold you to SEE with the HEART what God has installed here I LOVE YOU – He […]

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God is us

In the World it is us who admire, and those who are admired. We love. We wish love. Some like to be like another: what feeds it – LOVE or the wish to be loved. You are who you are and always will be who you wish to become by your focus upon what you […]

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