EARTH you are AWAKENING some do. YOU are NOW he ar (e)   Conclusion: he she we are, you are, he she is, HEAR, here ARE YOU HERE?  Hear ME  ~ so much LOVE! come sweet one oh come along wonder full human kind I AM LOVE –  SO ARE YOU Awakening to the New […]

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  I smile seeing you I love and if you could see my eyes of love joy warm you see . now you may feel through heart me here . Smile Love You  

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There something is about to CHANGE Not above alone Below – That is what you feel SOMETHING does work better Other doesn’t at all . My tie is LOVE for you to feel SAVE for I know while you listen with your HEART you’ll know in deed That ALL IS TRULY WELL. . You must […]

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You are the One

“The function of Mankind is to act as a transmitter of spiritual forces to the lower kingdoms and to act as coworkers of God.” Maitreya The World Teacher I am Sana Anda. I am from the higher realms and living in the human lower vibrations “both” at the same moment on earthly time THAT IS […]

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I am here for you

Who am I for you The light. I am shining love overflown bathing light on the shadows of your world. You may feel me. I have so many forms. But I know who is you Same as what I am Shall you see your LOVE Within me Trust ALL IS WELL I am LOVE and […]

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