Love is bathing Earth

Love is growing on Earth at all moments and corners pouring casting shadows with its light to that what is yet to shine Love lOVES YOU momentaneously you shall over grow sweet one who’ve come to – not greed -yet that the “other ones” – so greet God within. New Earth is born December 2012 […]

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Reading the field in the silence ahead is the greatest world of inner wisdom LOVE is the field of ALL there is to SEE finding the STORM in the OCEAN is wishing the waves not to count we will be FREE in the MIDST of agree-not since WATER is OCEAN and US we are in […]

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Where are the colors ~

Light – see shining through you and all around you getting its way through the hologram of mother Earth – each of us knows another by heart. The New Earth seeing you – so deep inside – so wonder-ful and beauty-ful – REPLENISH you inside my love, fill you up sweet one my love for […]

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  I smile seeing you I love and if you could see my eyes of love joy warm you see . now you may feel through heart me here . Smile Love You  

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