Reading the field in the silence ahead is the greatest world of inner wisdom LOVE is the field of ALL there is to SEE finding the STORM in the OCEAN is wishing the waves not to count we will be FREE in the MIDST of agree-not since WATER is OCEAN and US we are in […]

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There something is about to CHANGE Not above alone Below – That is what you feel SOMETHING does work better Other doesn’t at all . My tie is LOVE for you to feel SAVE for I know while you listen with your HEART you’ll know in deed That ALL IS TRULY WELL. . You must […]

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You are the One

“The function of Mankind is to act as a transmitter of spiritual forces to the lower kingdoms and to act as coworkers of God.” Maitreya The World Teacher I am Sana Anda. I am from the higher realms and living in the human lower vibrations “both” at the same moment on earthly time THAT IS […]

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Hands on the task timing is right BUTTERFLY wise will guide for those who have purpose release all that pain for GLORY and WONDER soon GAIA will reign Come join me, sweet love for I am here to hold you to SEE with the HEART what God has installed here I LOVE YOU – He […]

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Darkness turning LIGHT

The World is OPEN now for everyone shall now become GOD in its pure and purifying Perfection. So shall you see YOU and the ONE And yours and Me – all One. I am returning To assist raising Yours and Earths VIBRATION – for you are from the Spiritual world of higher realms: Do you […]

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Wherever we fly There is an imprint What we leave as a trail The trail vanishes It is build upon Yet What are you to leave for us to step upon?

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