You are here Now

  And Now is what this is All about T A K E   YOUR    t i m e :   here  DO be D O N E :  where N O W is ALWAYS the  One MOMENT to end suffering CREATE your OWN D E S T I N Y   LOVE  

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Hands on the task timing is right BUTTERFLY wise will guide for those who have purpose release all that pain for GLORY and WONDER soon GAIA will reign Come join me, sweet love for I am here to hold you to SEE with the HEART what God has installed here I LOVE YOU – He […]

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Love Choice

I SEE you in the World still not recognizing what brings happiness. My seeing is eyes in love. Love is EVERYWHERE. NOW you are joining to see as I. Love. I must make what I will be seeing by me choosing. NOW are you willing to make the LOVE CHOICE? Say it then: I WILL […]

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